Guide your visitors to the Exposition and navigate them to your Event

Build a sustainable bridge by the app with your visitors in total communicative reach

  • Start your communication far in advance and convince with clear, relevant benefits to download the app
  • Learn about your visitors by information they grant voluntarily, e.g. through registration or social media connection
  • Guide the visitor to the exposition area and by indoor navigation to the events and your booth
  • Expand your information capacity sufficiently, even when your booths are overcrowded
  • Screen your visitors by importance and provide individualized offers, information or attentions
  • Receive the attention by high end AR-Animations
  • Illustrate your products not only in a completely new, but also in a surprising and fascinating way
  • Begin and continue the dialogue by providing further information, also in the follow-up period
  • Use the platform from expo to expo, from event to event, year to year to build up reach. particularly to special target groups like journalists, key opinion leader, top clients, top business partners, or staff members, managers or executives