AR and 3D presentation of your products

Combine the superior acquisition and conversion techniques of e-commerce with the retail USPs

  • Use the smartphone as a natural interface between e-commerce and traditional retail
  • Attract attention by augmented reality and location-based services at all touchpoints like POS, print, …
  • Address your customers / clients corresponding to location and target group by push marketing, mobile, search engines and social media ads
  • Initiate and engage in dialogue by the app
  • Learn about their needs and show them the products they will buy
  • Lead your customers to your store and guide them through your product range by indoor navigation
  • At the POS provide all the information your customers need in order to make a decision
  • Present your products even more impressive by AR and 3D animations
  • Help your customer within the purchase decision process
  • Expand your product availability virtually with out-of-stock and special offers, especially in limited spaces
  • Learn from the motion patterns and behaviour of your customers and what they really buy