Security for your employees

What is Secufy?
Secufy is a simple panic button and SOS alerting solution that instantly notifies select contacts that an individual needs help and provides the exact location. Ensure your security team is instantly aware when an individual is threatened, while creatinga safer work environment for employees.

What Problems does Secufy solve?
Immediately alerts security staff when an isolated employee is in trouble, under threat of safety, sexual assault or another emergency. Gives employees an instantaneous way to call for help in an emergency and makes them feel
safer doing their jobs.

How is Secufy different from other panic solutions?
Alerting others of a personal safety threat is conventionally done through a mobile phone, text message, landline phone or traditional “panic buttons” or apps. Secufy overcomes hurdles associated with each of these methods.

About the Secufy Button:

  • Sends an alert when pressed 3 times.
  • Locates itself outdoors via GPS and indoors based on reference beacons.
  • Uses the THINGSTREAM IoT network for signal transfer to the Secufy cloud.
  • Up to three individual alarm receivers can be notified.
  • Several months of battery life. Rechargeable (QI charging).
  • Made in Germany – CCE and FCC certified and manufactured according to
    ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards.

About the Secufy Beacon:

  • Eliminates wireless “dead zones“
  • Serves indoor as location reference
    within zone of 250 -10.000 sq ft
  • Transfers its battery level once a
    month to Secufy cloud for device
    monitoring and management


  • Worker Safety and Peace of Mind – Empowers employees with an easy way to SOS for help and makes them feel safer
  • Immediate Security Alerts – Gives 3 contacts instant location alerts of real-time employee threats
  • Standalone – No app, smart phone or station needed due to embedded IoT technology – SMS alert delivery
  • Location aware with Unlimited Range – Accurate GPS up to 10 feet outdoor and indoor in proximity location Beacons
  • Always Ready – Long battery life (3-5 months) and durable waterproof design ensures it can be trusted to work when needed
  • Private Transmission – One-way transmission alert only when activated, so privacy is secured
  • Small, lightweight and discreet – Portable 1.5” button fits in a pocket and can easily be taken or worn anywhere