Secufy – At a glance

Secufy is a disruptively priced, modular, scalable, location aware (indoor and
outdoor) SOS alerting solution that instantanously notifies up to 3 individual
contacts when pressed (3 times) to let them know about the user needing help
and his exact location.

Key benefits:

  • Very small / wearable as a wristband, necklace or just in the pocket
  • Works completely stand-alone due to embedded IoT connectivity (i.e., no
    Smartphone or base station needed to connect)
  • Is location aware outdoor (GPS) and indoor (in proximity of location
    reference iBeacons that are available as part of the Secufy solution)
  • Locates itself only when pressed (3 times), so privacy is secured at any time
  • Very long battery lifetime (3-5 months) and inductive charging
  • Water and dust proof, very stable and durable (protection class IP67)