Asset Tracking Self-Service, Part 2

Part 2 of the White Paper on safectory Asset Tracking Self-Service – use cases and many typical areas of application are introduced here.

Use cases of safectory Asset Tracking Self-Service

Retrieval / Saving of search times

Complete toolboxes – or workshop vans, wheelchairs, medical device or smaller devices such as drilling machines – are equipped with asset tags. The signals of these tags or of the marked stock are received by controllers that are firmly installed. They are then located in a “room-specific” manner using signals from battery-operated beacons in every room. It is thus possible to see at a glance as to where the tools or devices are. Or which position course they went through in a certain period. They can thus be retrieved quickly. An alarm can also be triggered if stock leaves a certain area in an unauthorised manner or is not returned in time. To save costs, the system should be installed by the in-house technician on site and should be managed by the warehouse management.

Stock tracking

The stock is equipped with asset tags. Controllers receive the signals of the tag. And correlate them with signals from beacons, which are located in every room. The position of a marked object can thus be determined in a “room-specific” manner. The objects can be marked clearly and distinctively using tags.

One can also assign marked objects clearly to certain persons. These are again equipped with beacons for identification. It can thus be tracked as to which persons are managing which stock.

Storage location

Battery-operated beacons or asset tags are installed on every pallet in a warehouse. The warehouse is monitored extensively using controllers. The asset tags are installed by the warehouse employees. The warehouse management continuously receives information as to which route the pallet took so far through the warehouse, and which pallet is located in which zone of the warehouse and since when.

Areas of application of safectory Asset Tracking Self-Service

  • Warehouse and logistics
  • Tracking of children (e.g. on cruise ships or in the amusement park)
  • (Large)Construction sites (locating tools or construction machines)
  • Facility Management (route detection for guard duty / cleaning service, stock tracking)
  • Hospital / nursing home
  • Vehicle fleet / car park management
  • Airport including runway
  • Control centre / scheduling management (which counter, which station is currently occupied? Where and who is the next help with the required qualification?)
  • etc.