Asset Tracking Theft Protection, Part 1

Part 1: Basic information

In this White Paper, we explain the operating principle of the safectory Asset Tracking Theft Protection. You shall then get to know a typical use case – the theft of shopping cart in the supermarket.

Operating principle of the safectory Asset Tracking Theft Protection using the example of (compare functional diagram)

  • Encrypted BLE beacons are installed in the plastic handles of all standard shopping carts
  • The controllers are installed discreetly in the market. They record the signals from all BLE beacons as well as (optionally) the Bluetooth/Wifi signals from mobile devices
  • The shopping cart is registered or checked by a controller at a checkpoint at the entrance (A). From checkpoint B (within the market), a shopping cart is considered as “checked in”
  • If a shopping cart is regularly moved through the checkout area (C), it is considered as “checked out” in the system and no alarm is triggered
  • If a cart is moved through the entrance area (A) after it has passed through checkpoint B, but has not passed the checkout area (C) required for the checkout, an acoustic and optical alarm signal is triggered at the entrance


  • Controller for covering checkpoints
  • BLE beacons
  • Shopping cart

Potential extensions (optionally if required)

  • Web access to BMS for the display of dashboards / reports or existing backend of the customer for the receipt and presentation of data streams
  • Measurement of number of visitors, dwell time, returners and walking routes with the help of signals from shopping carts or smartphones (denser sensor network is required)
  • Use of the shopping carts (number, max. number and duration, etc.)
  • Beacon infrastructure and indoor navigation “up to the product in the shelf”
  • 3D stereo sensor for the monitoring of building accesses for up-to-date visitor recording (complete count)


  • Reduction of stock losses due to theft
  • Individual products need not be secured (= cost saving)
  • Can be placed discreetly and inconspicuously in the market
  • Flexible position accuracy by increasing/decreasing the controller density (zones)
  • Personalised alarm possible using an additional alarm button
  • Firmly integrated GSM modem (optional)
  • Flexible modular extension possible

Software functions

Can be combined with beacon health monitoring, BLE-based alarm solutions and Flowtrack


The retailer does not have to secure every product individually (= cost saving). The cashiers are informed with an easily audible alarm when a shopping cart does not stick to the prescribed path past the checkout counter. Presumed thieves are deterred preventively. Functions such as dwell time, returners and measurement of visitor flows provide more information about the actions in the building. Product navigation is possible at the shelf level.