Safectory – We digitalise safety

The early 2000s were the days of ringtone ads. Brash TV commercials played out in continuous loops sought to entrap the younger generation in costly and obscure subscriptions. In 2004, with the idea in mind to offer digital content for free via stationary Bluetooth hotspots, as a means of opening a new direct channel for large brands to communicate with mobilephone users, Andreas Gaufer (CTO) and Johannes Hofmann (CEO) founded the company of Blue Cell Networks (in Bamberg, Germany) with the goal in mind to become a leading solutions provider of Bluetooth marketing technology.

The in-house developed Beamzone® is regarded by many as the most successful and commonly used mobile marketing solution of the featurephone era in Germany with several thousand sold units across Europe and beyond.

With the increasing popularity of smartphones and the changing market conditions from 2008 onwards, a realignment of the business model was initiated. A new product emerged…

Resulting from the experience gathered in proximity marketing we decided to develop a new product called FlowTrack®. Introduced to the market in early 2011, it‘s purpose is to generate real-time data on visitor flow.

With the introduction of iBeacons© in 2013 proximity marketing was reborn. A perfect time to put our acquired knowledge and experience on short-range wireless networks. Since spring 2014 onwards BCN is working closely with the Match2Blue Group supporting companies to successfully implement their own Beacon infrastructure and App-Services as well as supporting clients in developing / engineering IoT hardware and software products and solutions as a professional service. In parallel, Safectory heavily invested in developing an own suite of products that combine all the learning sand best practices, all the experience and operational excellence and all the knowledge gathered in serving others to result in a best-of-breed technology stack that is mature, modular, scalable, secure and still easy and cost-effective to set-up and maintain.

As a result, since 2017 Safectory successfully launched various own products with a focus on Wifi and BLE based tracking technologies using a decentralized fog computing approach which is secure, scalable and –last not least –GDPR compliant. Products include Visitor Counting and Tracking, Asset Tracking and GeoFence based Triggers.

End of 2017 Blue Cell Networks GmbH was renamed to safectory GmbH in order to better match the new company focus of decentralised fog computing services such as Asset Tracking.